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Wisdom Teeth Extractions Saving Smiles

Under normal circumstances, Dr. Ayer’s objective is help you keep your teeth for as long as you are alive. There are some circumstances, however, that warrant extracting one or more teeth. Sometimes, teeth are extracted in preparation for orthodontic braces. Other people need teeth removed because they are too damaged or too loose for restoration to suffice. But one of the most common reasons for extraction may not even be visible in your mouth. Wisdom teeth are often impacted, meaning they have not erupted through gum tissue. In this case, they are hidden—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat to your other teeth or your overall oral health. Let’s explore why wisdom teeth in Lenexa are typically removed and how the procedure happens when you come to see Dr. Ayer.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

There was a time when these rather large and hard-to-reach teeth served a purpose. Prehistoric people needed these teeth in order to chew their diets of raw plants, seeds, and meats. With time the human diet came to include a variety of softer and cooked foods so these teeth became obsolete. Now, dentists commonly recommend extracting wisdom teeth in order to prevent them from harming your other teeth.

Wisdom teeth tend to be significantly larger and our smaller jaws just cannot accommodate their size. Consequently, wisdom teeth might press on adjacent teeth, thereby causing pain and possibly affecting the alignment of other teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction can be particularly important if you or your child has recently worn braces. What a shame to wear braces and then have your straight smile harmed by wisdom teeth!

Other reasons why Dr. Ayer may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth extracted include:

  • Infection, tooth decay and gum disease, which are all more likely to occur with both impacted wisdom teeth as well as erupted wisdom teeth
  • Cysts, which can develop around impacted wisdom teeth and cause bone damage

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lenexa

For a skilled dentist such as Dr. Ayer, wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure. After thoroughly anesthetizing the area surrounding your wisdom teeth, he makes an incision in the gums and removes some bone in order to reveal the tooth. Depending on its size and position, the tooth will either be extracted with forceps or cut into sections and removed. Your gums are stitched and gauze pads are placed over the surgery sites.

Some swelling and bleeding can be expected after you’ve had your wisdom teeth extracted. You can manage the swelling with ice packs and control the bleeding with fresh gauze.

For the first few days after surgery, stick to a menu of soft foods. Hydration is critical to healing so drink plenty of water and juice, but don’t use a straw. Take it easy, too. No heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.

If you have wisdom teeth that you know need to be extracted, then contact Dr. Ayer, the “dentist near me” in Lenexa.